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June 14, 2009


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The Traditional Art Gallery on deviantART ranges wide with thousands of deviations.  Without the help of suggestions, I may never have seen some of these brilliant pieces (and perhaps - neither would you).  Herein lies a Feature Series, done in groups of ten of all the deviants who've sent the suggestions that I've DD'd since the beginning of my tenure as a Traditional Art GM.



Abe: Can't LOL Without You by AsliBayrakChris Cornell by AsliBayrakBloody Hellboy by AsliBayrakSheldon Cooperstein by AsliBayrak




No More Tears Drawing by CinquefoilThe Mad Hatter by CinquefoilOriginal Sin by CinquefoilChaos Be Thy Name by Cinquefoil


I don't believe in Pigeons by MollindaExcuse me Mister by MollindaBad Date by MollindaUltra Light by Mollinda


Queen of Sheba by Rita-RiaAdams dream... by Rita-RiaMy hairdresser drives me crazy by Rita-RiaBaby Phoenix by Rita-Ria


Still... by catpuff-noirBlow and Wish by catpuff-noirmy weakness for... by catpuff-noirNovember soul... by catpuff-noir


Silence by laurartDos manos by laurart:thumb53404141::thumb53520361:


The library girl
I think we've met somewhere before,
was it here, in the library?
She's a girl that's hard to ignore.
Perhaps we met in a bookstore,
flipping through the pages idly.
I think we've met somewhere before.
I steal a glance at her, unsure.
Turning, she looks straight back at me.
She's a girl that's hard to ignore.
"Hi," I stall, trying to think of more
to say; 'stead of pausing dumbly.
I think we've met somewhere before.
Words come to me, some mental ore.
"Hey you," she says, smiling cutely.
She's a girl that's hard to ignore.
While she speaks, her eyes I explore.
Her name close, yet still too airy.
I think we've met somewhere before,
She's a girl that's hard to ignore.
Prequel to Hell
Prequel to Hell
By Iscariot-Priest

  "Please. No, please don't. Oh, for the love of god: please don't!"
  "You know, no matter how rude a person is in life, when it comes to begging for their life, they suddenly develop a need to overuse the word 'please'."
  I look down at the figure before me; she nods her head frantically in agreement, even pulling at the edges of my skirt. Little bitch never needed god before, but suddenly she's calling favors in the name of his love? How odd, and more than a little pathetic.
Putting a comforting hand on her shoulder, I whisper, "don't worry, it won't hurt. Not till the very end, at least." She doesn't seem to have calmed down any; in fact she begins to scream for mercy.
Grief, the damned can be so… well damn, annoying sometimes.
  "It'll be over soon. Remember, face down: you'll probably shit yourself halfway there."
With those last words of advice, I push her off the building. It really isn't
Her paper clothes
Her paper clothes
Iscariot Priest

Imogene Streep
wore robes of scripture
that made her
not wiser; but rather,
Her paper clothes detailed lyrics:
from the 90's,
none of the 80's,
rubber souled Beatles
and pre-war evergreens;
written in Frank Sinatra bass.
Her love was a dry one,
mostly words and thoughts; written
on the back of her hand. Still,
she saved on cost,
measurable in unsoiled linens.
To the girl I hit            I’d never given an eulogy in my life and now for my first time, I was expected to give a speech about a girl I didn’t know at all.
            OK, maybe “a girl I didn’t know at all” is somewhat untrue; I knew Abigail decades ago and by sick chance I had run her over a few days back, her parents remembered me and demanded I give the eulogy (new age grief therapy?)
            Well here goes nothing: “I hardly knew Abigail but in her last moments she showed me true kindness, forgiving me for my sin even though she wasn’t ready to die (this was of course a lie, she jumped in front of my car screaming suicide, but her parents didn’t need to



To suggest a Daily Deviation to me:

- I only take suggestions from the Traditional Art gallery.
- Send it in the form of a note entitled "DD Suggestion" or some other variant.
- It's helpful if you send it using the :thumb######: code, but it isn't necessary.
- Only send your suggestion to one Gallery Moderator.
- By default, when sending me a suggestion you're giving me a licence to view the entire gallery.  I may choose another piece and if this is the case, I will always credit you - unless you request otherwise.
- I most likely will not respond to your note, but I do read, consider, and appreciate every one.

Please note that the following GM's also feature from the Traditional Art Gallery as well, and will be happy to receive suggestions from you.  Just bear in mind to check their userpage for any specifics they may have:

Root: oilsoaked, snowmask, & stigmatattoo
Body Art: Battledress
Street Art: noxiousone

For an up to date listing of all current Gallery Moderators and their respective Galleries, please visit FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen? .

For more information on deviantART and Daily Deviations, please take advantage of the following FAQ's:

FAQ #61: What is a Daily Deviation?
FAQ #873: What do I do when I disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature?

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